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Our customized speaking engagements are designed to educate families with students in middle school and high school on the college planning process. They are appropriate for any gathering — including PTAs, scouting troupes, athletic teams, places of worship, professional organizations, and/or informal groups in a private home or restaurant. Our lively, informative presentations cover a wide range of topics on pertinent, timely issues related to higher education — and will help demystify the complex and often daunting college admissions process.

Popular topics:

  • Paying for College without Going into Debt or Risking Retirement Funds
  • What to Expect When Completing the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE
  • Finding Colleges That Will Pay to have Your Student Attend
  • Building Depth – Looking Your Best for the Colleges you Choose to Apply
  • What Colleges Are Looking For in an Applicant
  • College Fit: What That Means for Your Student
  • Focus on Texas Colleges: Public and Private
  • Exploring Major and Career Interests – How to Use Aptitude Testing Results

We would enjoy the opportunity to educate more families on the college planning process and on scholarship opportunities. We are available for breakfast meetings, lunches, afternoon coffee, evening meetings, and on weekends.

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We would love the opportunity to speak at your affair!

Some of our expert presentations include:

  • “Top 10 Strengths Colleges Want to See in an Applicant”
  • “Letting Go and Preparing You and Your Senior for the College Launch”
  • “Financial Aid 9-1-1: The Basics”
  • “Paying for College When You Don’t Qualify for Need-based Aid”
  • “How to Find the Right Fit in a College (and be successfully admitted!)”
  • “The College Planning Process: Breaking it down so it is NOT overwhelming”
  • “How to be a Success in College – It’s more than good grades”

Our experts have presented at numerous events including: Boy and Girl Scout Troops, Human Resources Meetings, Charity Events, Religious Groups, Youth Groups, National Charity Leagues, Young Men’s Service Leagues, and Parent Associations.

To inquire, please email us at info@marrscaa.com or call (214)350-8581.

More to come in Fall 2017:

  • How to College: Success & Survival in Freshman Year (Student Panel)
  • Test Prep and Tutoring
  • College Admissions: An Insider’s Guide (College Admissions Representatives Panel)
  • Applying to Medical School
  • College Planning 101
  • Future Engineer?
  • Teen Stress