Financial Aid 101

How Will You Pay for It?


Financial aid can be an overwhelming piece of the college admissions puzzle. It may also seem like a never-ending maze of forms, applications, fine print, and hoops of all sizes. But we can demystify the process to help you identify your highest potential opportunities.

Three main categories:

Tax Tips
PayScale, ROI
Federal Student Loans
The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid required by all institutions) and the CSS Profile (required by some private institutions) are essential pieces of the college application process. At Marrs, we feel the FAFSA is an imperative, not an option—even if you do not feel you qualify for need-based aid.Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Create a FSA ID
Scholarships and Grants
(both Need-Based and Merit-Based)

We can help you compile your college wish list and assist you in identifying a full menu of schools—based on multiple criteria, including admission competitiveness levels, scholarship-aid (non-loan) opportunities, and a myriad of tangibles and intangibles. We also help you identify the most reliable funding and scholarship resources. Never pay a company to find student scholarships! We help you avoid the scams and find the money.
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