The world has changed. Going to college used to be a guarantee that graduating with a degree would lead to a successful career. Too many college graduates are unemployed. Marrs helps both college students and recent graduates leverage their talents and maximize their opportunities by providing focused career counseling.


Marrs Career Coaching services include:

  • Aptitude and Interest Inventory – We use the Latitudes inventory which helps students align their personality, aptitude and interests with a multitude of successful careers options. This instrument looks at 15 aspects of a young adult’s aptitudes and interests:

    • Visual Comparison Speed – visual dexterity related to processing of written information

    • Vocabulary – facility of communication, exchange ideas, expression of personal opinion, relaying information and learning

    • Numerical Computation – ability to perform mental calculations during one’s daily interactions

    • Numerical Reasoning – ability to process complex mathematical problems logically in one’s daily life

    • Spatial Visualization – ability to look at a two-dimensional figure and visualize its expansion into three dimensions

    • Inductive Reasoning – approach to gathering information and solving problems―that is, how quickly and intentionally one draws conclusions based on the facts available

    • Sequential Reasoning – problem-solving ability that allows a person to mentally arrange information in logical linear order

    • Idea Generation – assessment of a person’s thinking ― in several directions at once or following single ideas more readily

    • Eye-Hand Coordination – learning aptitude also known as psychomotor learning

    • Associative Memory – visual learning ability that shows how quickly and accurately a person can plant new information in his/her head and then recall it

    • Visual Memory – speed and ease of remembering data that has no meaningful connection to other information

    • Work Approach – methodology used in thinking about or performing a work task

    • Time Frame Orientation – goal-setting―types and methodology

    • Pattern Memory – ability to absorb and recall your visual surroundings

    • Interpersonal Style – mode of initiating interactions and replenishing your energy

  • Career Counseling – At Marrs we know that an inventory alone will not give you all the information necessary to find the right career or appropriate path for graduate/professional school relative to specific traits and interests. We provide a series of one-on-one sessions to help our clients both interpret their assessment results, as well as to give them the tools and resources to take the necessary steps to accomplish their goals.

  • Networking – Marrs is an industry leader in helping you identify the right contacts and what to say when they reaching out to professionals in their particular fields of interests

  • Interviewing – Marrs prepares you with the necessary skills to prepare and present effectively for a job or post-graduate program interview.


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