Law school admissions is much more than writing your personal statement. Marrs College Admission Advisors can assist you in making sure all applications are complete and submitted with time to spare! We can help you decide when to take the LSAT, how to craft your resume, how to obtain the best recommendation letters and ensure your application showcases your best attributes. Marrs CAA will help you identify which law schools focus in the areas of the law you think you want to practice. We will connect you with the right tutoring resources before you take the LSAT. Working with Marrs CAA will insure you have everything ready that is required for a particular school well in advance of any deadlines. 


There are four major aspects of Law School Admission Advising:


1. Educational Consulting

Assisting with school selection, LSAT timing, resume, recommendations and the long application.

2. Crafting the Personal Statement

Creating an extensive inventory of your background, both professional and personal; then we begin brainstorming.


3. Editing and Reviewing Everything

Ensuring all grammar and punctuation is perfect and that your personal statement reflects the best snapshot of who you are, what drives you and what you have done to prepare yourself for law school.

4. Interview Preparation

Once you have been invited to interview with a school, we are there to prep you for the interview and to provide mock interviewing.


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