With Marrs College Admission Advisors, you receive expert guidance to help navigate the complex, often challenging college transfer admissions process. You will benefit from one-on-one attention throughout the search for the best college to transfer, as well as the application, and selection processes. You will also receive personalized feedback on all aspects of the transfer application process including essays, resume and your list of schools you wish to transfer.


Marrs Transfer services include:



Colleges/Universities with the strongest program in your selected major in order for you to maximize the benefits of transferring. Create a spreadsheet with all of the application deadlines and requirements.


Your custom resume for transfer is different than the resume you created out of high school. We will help you highlight your experiences since high school and emphasize the ones that have the most relevance to your chosen major.


Your transfer essay is a process of brainstorming, writing, editing and polishing in order to make sure you are addressing the prompt but at the same time sharing who you are to the reader.

Mock Interview

Although some of your colleges may not offer interviews, we want to make sure you are prepared for those that do. Interviewing is one of the best ways to share with the interviewer who you are, your passion for their school and how you will contribute to their community. We will help you with creating a good list of questions to ask specific to their school and the major you have identified. A good interview can increase your chances of success.


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