Marrs CAA graduate school advising is comprehensive. When you work with one of our expert graduate advisors, you will be guided through each step of the process, ensuring you submit your very best application, personal statement, resume and whatever else your particular program requires. There will be no guesswork. When working with a Marrs CAA advisor you will select the best programs to meet your specific goals. You will find the right fit without wasting your valuable time.


Our Graduate Advising includes:


Candidacy Evaluation – We will assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you prepare the best approach to insure your greatest chance of acceptance to your selected programs

School Choices – We help you determine which schools have the programs you are most qualified for admission, thus helping to insure success

Extensive Brainstorming – Before you write your personal statement we will work with you to find your best ideas to write the strongest essay possible


Editing your Personal Statement – We will insure your personal statement is your very best before you submit any of your applications

Identifying the best Recommenders – We will help you identify the most appropriate and best recommenders you had as professors and employers prior to your applications. There is a strategy to this process. We will teach you

Learning Differences Strategy – We will assist you in the best way to submit your documentation and insure you will know exactly what is required


Candidacy Readiness – If we assess that you are not ready for the particular programs you want to apply for admission, we will share the best possible strategies to become the best candidate for your programs, whether it is internships, career coaching, leadership opportunities and/or adult education classes.


Specialized Admissions Advising for your particular field of study:

Graduate school advising is a broad arena. We have years of experience guiding PhD, M.S./M.A., M.Ed., Doctor of Physical Therapy, Masters in Occupational Therapy, Doctor in Occupational Therapy and other health profession graduate programs. We have the expertise to advise in the following specialties:


Art history

International Relations

Journalism (broadcast and social media)


Public Policy




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